Sunday, 4 November 2012

Chloe, Instead, by Micah Player

Molly wished for a little sister who was just like her, but she got Chloe instead. Chloe is the typical annoying toddler who wants to know everything and get into everything that her big sister is doing. Although she’s harmless, Molly still finds Chloe immensely irritating, especially when Chloe rips the pages out of her favourite books. But Molly does love Chloe really...

Chloe, Instead says it all about the love-hate relationships between siblings. The story is written in a lovely, straightforward manner. Molly’s house has been overtaken by this mini monster intent on destroying Molly’s things, and she doesn’t always want her little sister interfering. The pictures say it all, complimenting and adding to Micah Player’s short, simple sentences.

Although Molly not-so-secretly wanted a little sister who was just like her, she soon realises she’d much rather have Chloe instead. After the confrontation point, they play together and have fun doing things that they both enjoy. Just like any two small children, while they have their volatile moments, ultimately they are the best of friends.

While Chloe, Instead is clearly a good story to read with someone who is a big brother or sister, it sits well on its own merits too. While it is not a boo likely to set the world on fire Gruffalo style, it’s simple, clear, and purposeful, and I enjoyed reading it.

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